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"Making music is telling a story understood by every living being"

Violinist and co-founder of chamber ensemble Aetas, Mariya Polishchuk strives to connect with diverse audiences by establishing community and outreach partnerships with several institutions. Taking every opportunity to cultivate her love of music in others, she has become a sought-after pedagogue, performer, and collaborator, maintaining a steady schedule of engagements throught the year. Discovering a passion for unusual, new, and non-classical works while premiering them on tour in Tuscany, Italy, Polishchuk seeks to bring an understanding of contemporary music to the modern audience while breathing a unique personality and new life into more commonly performed works.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Polishchuk immigrated to the US with her family at a young age and almost immediately began her musical studies with her parents. She studied violin primarily with Isaac Malkin, and was a winner of the prestigious Helen Airoff Dowling and Twiford Foundation Scholarship, as well as the Josephine C. Whitford Award at the Manhattan School of Music.


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