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"creating a product the student can be proud of is at the center of the teaching philosophy"

Teaching Philosophy

Learning to play an instrument involves a set of skills that are transferrable to every aspect of life. The cycle of persistent attention to detail, seeking to make something the student imagines a reality, and the ultimate satisfaction of creating a product the student can be proud of is at the center of the teaching philosophy. Students are guided through learning to teach themselves how to succeed at the performance of a piece of music so that they may become more comfortable and confident teaching themselves more music they love, or perhaps other, completely unrelated pursuits they may find themselves attracted to.


Each student will have a private lesson 60-90 minutes in length, wherein they will be taught not only the physical aspects of music making on the violin, but also develop skills in music theory, ear training, and dictation.


Upon request and availability, students have the opportunity to put together ensemble pieces. Coachings for students within the studio and students of other music disciplines are available. Chamber music teaches students how to work together to problem solve amicably, producing a beautiful, creative, final result.

String Playing Class

Students will have the opportunity to play for each other in small group lesson settings a few times each session. This fun class is helpful in relieving stage anxiety and developing the social aspect of music making.

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